Our new CRB series is 100% full carbon fiber, made in Tahiti. It is light, strong and stiff. This model is ideal for strong paddlers looking for power without any loss of energy in the water. We offer different blade sizes and 2 kinds of shafts. The CRB is the ultimate weapon for speed. You can also choose among 3 different designs for your blade.

I have such a great feeling with this paddle. Sharp water entry followed by lots of power throughout the stroke. There’s no loss of energy without giving up comfort. I use it for sprint as well as long distance
Shaft options: S or Straight

Design options (On flat side of blade): Carbon, Tahiti or Rasta

Shaft sizes : As you specify when ordering
Blade options :
23x47cm (9”x18”1/2 in.)
24x47.5cm (9”1/2x18”3/4 in.)
25x48cm (9”3/4x19 in.”)
26x48.5cm (10”1/4x19 in.”)
29x49cm (11”1/2x19”1/4 in.)
Weight : 450 g
Price: Euro 252€
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